Friday, April 3, 2009

Passionate about baking

I love and have always loved the taste and smells that come from a kitchen filled with love .... sharing something you’ve made with friends & family

There is nothing as pleasurable as walking into my house where the smell of freshly baked cakes,
emerging from the kitchen. The fruits, cinnamon, chocolate, vanilla aroma gives my house a very warm and inviting feeling.

I love the taste of it is satisfying to have other people enjoy what I have made and to know they are eating the best ingredients and not preservatives and additives.

This week I buat fruit cake and chocolate cake..ada officemate order...lama dah tak buat cake...since cuti lama hari tu.

... sinfully chocolate cake. The decoration pun...from ganache (good quality dark chocolate with cream).
No icing or buttercream.So...bila makan..akan rasa chocolate ...not icing sugar...

My office mate order cake ni untuk her dia nak tulis birthday wish kat atas kek.
Then, baru i guna icing.. :). That's all...yang lain still pure dark chocolate ...

Happy Birthday to Diana's Mom

This old-fashioned fruitcake recipes are taken from my Mom's old handwritten scrapbooks .It was fruit-filled, moist, and absolutely delicious. ....prunes, currants, raisins, walnuts, honey, brown sugar, candied dried orange peel

tengok la...betapa banyaknye buah...kena boil with this butter first

I prefer to decorate this fruit cake..with the traditional way...just dust with some icing sugar. Ada setengah orang akan mintak decorate cream cheese topping.

Mini size...