Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Cocktails for Three

My pick this week

I have read all the Sophie Kinsella books and had started reading the Madeleine Wickham (Sophie real name)book. I just finished 'Cocktail for Three' last 2 month . Baru ada masa nak share kat sini.

Her books under Sophie Kinsella are interesting, funny and smart.I discovered the Madeleine Wickham books about 3-4 months ago . Mula2 belek Sophie Kinsella forum, to check kalau-kalau ada buku baru lepas Twenties Girl.Bila start tau je Sophie Kinsella ada buku lain under her real name, I wonder if they have the same writing style?

I think 'Cocktails for Three' was just as good as the Sophie Kinsella books...cuma lebih serious...but still it was just easy to read and enjoyable book. 'Cocktails for Three' focuses on Maggie, Roxanne and Candice..tiga sekawan- their friendship, their contrasting lives and outlooks. Three ladies ni work for magazine yang popular kat London, mempunyai kehidupan , background and problem yang berbeza-beza: depression of the new mother yang tak boleh cope with - motherhood, mysterious of a mistress & her secret lover and the guilt seorang anak atas kesalahan ayahnya yang telah meninggal dunia.They meet for cocktails and gossip once a month.

Heather, the fourth woman who plays ' watak jahat' in the plot...yang mainkan peranan penting dalam cerita ni, yang akan shake and ruins their friendship. Cocktails for Three blends together the friendship, guilt, romantic love, depth of emotion...

The best thing about this book ......this book made me miss all my girlfriends. This story is mostly about friendship . Kita semua pernah buat silap and go through rough times dalam hidup, but your girlfriends are there to cheer you up.Always..

Happy Reading!


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