Monday, July 5, 2010

Go Green....

Small steps toward better environment.

The best ways to achieve this are by taking small steps and doing things that are achievable ....start @ home....better than doing nothing.Nampak kecil aje contribution kita, but if you multiply them by millions...hmm...think about it.

My contribution yesterday...Recycling

One of the biggest culprits at my house are plastic bags. So, switch to reusable grocery bags...sekarang ni dah banyak jual yang cantik2 dan murah2.

I love mine...

Whatever contribution you make is worth it.
Whatever effort you make today you will be thanked for by future generations....our generations.


annhuzi said...

ikin where u get the toy story bag? oh i like! i am a big fan. i will buy evn b4 budak2 mintak. cute lah characters toy story. yes we must recycle for our children's future. alhamdulillah sekarang recycling bins are commonly found near us. we love ncare for the environment and the enviroment will care for us in return :)

Ikin said...

Kak Ann, the toy story green reusable bag can get from any Tesco store here. Cute kan? Ikin beli banyak beg tu, sampai 4...sebab suka sangat.

Here, Alhamdulillah.. the gov has done many activities and effort... trying to push Malaysians to be more conscious towards the health of our planet. :). Go go go...hehe

annhuzi said...

ok dis wkend i nak cari at Tesco JB!:)