Monday, August 2, 2010

Work in progress....Under the stairs

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Ni kira phase 1 . Banyak lagi nak tambah. Tapi, betul2 takde masa nak cari yang betul2 berkenan.Weekend je, mesti ada plan. Hmm...pelan2 la.

I really love 'before and after' thingy...



It's not done...done, but it's done enough to snap snap and share it with you.) So, here it is!

New daybed / bench from Fella Design(psttt...Fella sale tau :)). Banyak yang berkenan...tapi semuanya tak muat bawah tangga ni. Finally , dapat jugak yang 'just nice'. Nanti boleh letak mini book shelf / magazine basket kat hujung tu.

Creating the dream...

Banyak lagi yang kena is a wonderful space and I have big plans!Installing shelves, frame, add basket, small bookshelf..I wil use old photos,travel photos, dark wood  and rustic white frames over the daybed.

The empty wall is just waiting to be filled.I'm full of ideas for stuff to put on the walls and I'm pretty geeked about it.

I'll keep you posted about the progress!

Pencuci mulut di Ikea

Tujuan asal ...memang la nak beli cushion, rug, lampu, throw kat Ikea. Tapi, pencuci mulut tetap ada. ;).
Beli new ,simple and cheap dining chair...tapi dua je. Just want to enhance my old dining table appearance.


annhuzi said...

comfy indeed :)

nerry nerry strawbery said...

ikinnnn so cosyyyy. noww me bersemangat wanna buat my bawah tanggaaa heeee

4 Kay-E said...

sgt sweet & simple..
Pandai Ikin menghias :)

Ikin said...

tq semua. :). kak nerry...semangat ...semangat.Raya...ikin datang...boleh makan kuih raya bawah tangga. haha

Anonymous said...

suka tengok you punye idea deko2..cosy and comfy..keep it up dear

Ikin said...