Monday, April 4, 2011

I feel good :)

How was everyone’s weekend? Hope you all had a great one and ready to start a new week!
Mine: Gooood...I feel good :). Full of fun

Walk for Autism 2011 .. for sure the best part of my weekend. The feeling is something I will never forget. Being surrounded by families and friends who really understand the struggles and pure love, was an amazingly positive experience for me.
TQ to Eryn..:). You’re not alone. You’ll never be alone...
TQ to my hb, with love and deep appreciation...sanggup bangun pagi-pagi, hari sabtu pulak tu kan...pukul 6.30 pagi mata separuh lelap start enjin kereta nak pergi The Curve.Love u.

Walk for charity

Location membuatkan semua lebih bersemangat :) :). Sambil jalan sambil jeling..


Our hero...Amirul. Faster teacher...faster. Hihi, cikgu dia muka tak larat dah.

REWARD MYSELF. Hihi, Jalan 3 km pun nak reward jugak tau.Lepas walk, dengan tak tukar baju, berpeluh-peluh, terus masuk Ikea.

Reward myself with a 'mini' shopping...

This one for my hb...Spring into Life..woot woot :)

Ada lagi reward..:). Pergi Wisma ICCA Kota Damansar. Bayar fee untuk Wilton Better Baking Program Series 1. Saja snap gambar apron tu sebelah KitchenAid mixer yang dah berhabuk lama tak guna tu. Bagi semangat sikit. Warna dah sedondon dah tu. Kalau malas lagi...saja la.
Penat. Ngantuk. Semua ada. So we take the opportunity , balik rumah mak @ Bandar Tun razak...stay at home for the rest of the day and have some family time together. Best giler..just settle down on the sofa & bed, borak-borak & tengok TV....and tidoo.:). For me, that’s the perfect end to a perfect Saturday ..

Sunday : A quick little project & Great Dinner

Herb Pots for my kitchen. The pots from Ikea...remember the reward yesterday? hehe. And the herbs : rosemary, basil & sage ...from Cold Storage. Fun, quick, and favorite kind of project! 

I will cut you...I mean  a bunch of you flavor my roasted chicken tonite..

The simple yet succulent Sunday dinner: Roast Chicken (Whole Leg) with Rosemary, Lemon & Garlic + Roast Potatoes.

Rub the chicken inside and out  with a generous amount of salt and freshly ground black pepper, lemon, garlic , olive oil and rosemary.Sprinkle some paprika on top.
For the potatoes, Bring a large pan of salted water to the boil. Cut the potatoes , put them into the water with the whole lemon , and cook for 8-10 minutes. Drain and toss the potatoes in the pan while still hot . This will make ur potatoes crispy when they roast.

Ambik Idea from Michael Smith - Chef at Home : Chicken Under a Brick recipe.To  make sure your chicken  golden brown and crispy...tapi still juicy and tender + tak kering sangat kat dalam, simply weight the chicken with any benda berat bacam lesung batu :). Dalam rancangan Chef at home tu dia guna brick. It's ok...lesung batu pun jadi.Cook over medium-high heat for 10 minutes.

The result : Saya sukaaaaa. Garing diluar lembuttt & juicy di dalam.

Meanwhile...prepare my delicious brown gravy :).Hihihi...

Carefully transfer to the oven. Roast the chicken for 15-20 mins

Serve with the lemon wedges and the pan juices

...and the gravy...

Happy Cooking!

Happy Monday everyone. Have a fantastic week!!


Anonymous said...

Tq kpd semua kawan2 yg memberi full support, thanks a lot guys. Amirul happy & xcited, bangun pkl 5 pg dgn semangat juang yg tinggi dan berjalan meninggalkan kami 3 branak di belakang. haha sib baik auntie kikin & uncle kidin tlg tengokkan.

"With all your love that fills my heart, you make me strong".
We love u Amirul Harith Irfan.

AppleCrux said...

Dah besar dah Amirul!!!

Anonymous said...

ishhhhhhhhhhhhh, terliurnyaaa.