Monday, September 8, 2008

My Tea Time Cake

I really enjoy baking cakes especially over the weekend because nothing tastes better than a cup of hot tea with a freshly baked cake.while I read through my magazines and borak2 with my family. Hmm...yang bestnya kalau buat kek sendiri, next day tu , I can heat up my leftover cake in the microwave for 5-10 seconds and have myself a nice breakfast to beat my morning blues ...

This is an extremely rich cake for any hardcore chocoholic. This recipe is from Feast by Nigella Lawson.Dah beli buku ni.So tengah gila la cuba resepi2 dia.The idea of so much chocolate in one cake yang buat nak cuba sangat cake ni.After my first bite , hmmmmm.....I was reeling in chocolate delight.Chocolate cake ni guna 4 jenis chocolate : Good quality cocoa powder, choc chip,choc syrup and dark choc bar.The chocolate syrup helps keep the cake moist and all the chocolatessss just makes it so tasty .

One of the cakes I absolutely love is my Classic Moist Yellow Butter Cake.Plain old simple but always good butter cake. It calls for really common ingredients that everyone has in their fridge and that totally fits my budget and convenience.

I thought it would be enjoyable to bake a timeless classic cake.

Garnish with toasted coconut flakes and Raspberry Jam.

I love cakes, and now I love baking them...


Anonymous said...

nyumm...nyumm...pose la nokk...hahhaa....
cube terai nigella punya ice cream cake...walla...sodappp n sonangg..

Anonymous said...

Tia n Mia nak cake chocolate tu satu..dah tu uwan lak nak butter cake tu satu..baru la the 3 companies ni tak kacau kita nak pi jadi pwincess hari rabu depan..he..hehhh..

Maksu loves baking too..must find time to bake the lovely cake like yours..nanti balik kampung before raya we masak cake for raya ok..tia n mia can makan too

p/s uwan cakap cake butter tu mesti really moist sampai bila letak kat pinggan "lokek margerin tu haaa"


Ita said...

sungguh tergoda dgn choc cake tu..
Nigella mmg famos here. K-Ita suka tgk uktvfood.. dia masak main campak2 je.. ;)